This is the end of the road for Neety 😢

The entrepreneurship journey is full of surprises and all the planets must be well aligned to make it successful. Sadly they were not aligned for us.

The formal notice we had to face one year ago that forced us to change our brand name, the large amount of money for a security assessment that is now required by Google to access your inboxes securely, or some choices we made that did not pay off brings this adventure to an end.

We are ending 5 years of hard work towards one ideal: offering email users a smart inbox cleaning solution that respects your data, in exchange for a subscription. Putting an end to this journey was not an easy task, but we’re doing it without any regrets or remorse. We truly believe it’s the best decision.

Other inbox cleaning solutions exists. Our advice, don't let free solutions access your inbox. As you may know the old adage: if you're not paying, you’re the product.

Big thanks to everyone who believed in our solution, for making Neety, if not a commercial success, a great human adventure.

Alexandre, Louis and Benjamin.