Security and privacy

At Neety we are committed to your security and privacy. To make it short, we don’t keep nor sell nor analyze any of your data for anything else than filtering out your emails.

Few data, maximum security

We do not do anything else with the data we collect from you that helping you to get a cleaner inbox. Our algorithms only analyze emails' headers. In fact we only get the subject line, sender and recipient email information, dates, and similar metadata. We do not touch the body, that is to say the content part of your emails. All the data we get from you are stored in Europe on totally secured servers.

Your information are encrypted

Every information we get from you to make our algorithms cleaning your inbox are encrypted. We do not let any information we might get from you available to everybody at Neety. Not necessary to tell you that no one outside Neety will be able to access those information.

A secured connection to your inbox.

Neety used a secured protocol called O’Auth 2.0 to access your Gmail inbox. It means that you grant us an access to your mailbox to let us performing our filtering action and helping you to clean your inbox. We receive a token that is encrypted to make sure your data are not visible to anyone. We then access your inbox in total security. You can at anytime, through your personal space on Neety revoke the access you granted to us. It takes one click to do so.

You’re not the product.

We are militants for a better world where your data, anonymized or not, are not sold to web giants to sell you more products. We are fighting customer intelligence company that get millions of data via your emails to help powerful companies make more profit. For us, what you buy, like and how much you spent this year on leisure, technology or whatever must stay an information that only you are aware of. By making this our way of thinking, we are facing a problem, we cannot make Neety free of charge. We opted for a fairly charged product. Data privacy has a price and we aim at keeping it as low as possible. We are going against the giant actors of our sectors because we truly believe in privacy. Some of our competitors choose to gain more money by making use, even in an anonymized way of your data. The data they collect are sold to web giants in order make sure they better know internet user behavior. Basically, what kind of products people from 25 to 35, living in big cities in the US are more willing to buy when it comes to Hi-fi. You might call us idealists maybe but we are true to you and will always be.