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A cleaner inbox.

Neety suggests personalized actions to regain control over your inbox. We help you deal with hundreds of emails at a time. Which ones to keep and which ones to get rid of. Your inbox is finally clean and sane.

Your data is safe.

We manage your emails in a totally secured way. We access your email account via a secured protocol to only perform the actions we need to offer you a sane mailbox. We do not receive your email credentials.

We do not use your email account to produce and resell statistics. We are GDPR compliant and will always be.

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Combine your favorite emails into one.

Some emails don’t deserve to be deleted or read right away. Add them to your digest. We will send them together in one email at the best time for you.

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Deal with hundreds of emails in a flash

Neety helps you preview your inbox content in minutes. You always get a recommended action to perform for every single email. You are free to make another choice. We learn from any move you make. In no time your mailbox becomes a better place.

Keep your preferred email client.

Neety is not an email client. We are a smart email management solution. You keep checking your emails where you prefer. You have nothing to download or install. We work behind the scenes 365 days a year on all your devices everywhere.

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Frequently asked questions


How Neety helps me to clean my inbox?

Neety suggests you personalized actions and perform them on your emails if you’re OK. You can block, delete, keep, archive, mute or add to your digest hundreds emails at a time.


What happens with my emails when I use Neety?

When you choose an action, Neety will automatically perform it for you from now on. But, at anytime you can change your mind and choose another action without risks.


Is it true that I will reduce my carbon footprint with Neety?

Yes it is! In average an email generates 10 grams of CO2 and 95% of this CO2 is generated when you open this email. By making sure your email stay out of your inbox, you’re reducing your carbon footprint.


What are you doing with my emails and my personal data?

We only help you to clean your mailbox. We never read your emails. We do not store any data contained in your emails. We don’t use your data to make and sell statistics even anonymously. What is yours, stays yours.

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